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Sales & Marketing Team Tracking React Native iOS/Android App Template




Android and iOS app from single source code.

Tracking App is a React Native Marketing Team Tracking App for Multipurpose template. This has been built with React Native CLI. Tracking App UI is compatible with both Android and iOS. The code format is easy to use, clean and well-formatted. You can quickly install and check our demo application.

Tracking App is used for locating system, also used for the observing of persons or objects on the move and supplying a timely ordered sequence of location data for further processing.It is important to be aware of human tracking.

The term Tracking App refers to the tracking and evaluating of distance usage with mobile devices.The key factor is that mobile devices such as smartphones,tablets are used to access apps.

Download Tracking android app
Download Tracking android app


  • Design with React Native
  • For Android & iOS
  • Redux
  • Easy to Understand Code
  • Clean Code
  • Ready to Integrate
  • Beautiful Login, Register & OTP Screen
  • Separate File for Each Page & Component
  • Splash Screen
  • Login & Signup Page
  • Swiper
  • Lottie Animation
  • Popup
  • Map
  • Location
  • Colour Customization
  • History
  • Payment Method with multiple options
  • Notification
  • Settings
  • Confirmation Alert
  • Image Picker
  • Profile & Edit Profile
  • Today Activity
  • Button
  • CheckBox
  • Custom Sidebar Menu
  • Dropdown
  • Header with icon
  • Password Visibility
  • Tooltip
  • Chat
  • Active Status
  • Chat Contact list
  • Logout
  • … Much More

What you will get?

  • Tracking App
  • Full source code
  • Documentation
  • Free Version Upgrade

Tracking  Flow Graphics
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