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Swipe Slide – Onboard Screen Android App Template




Onboard Screen Guide

This screen is also called a one time screen of an android app. One time screen because it only displays only for one-time, after that, it won’t show until the application is reinstalled or you can display it every time when the users open your app if you want.

What is the Walkthrough/Onboarding Screen?

Walkthrough and onboarding screens are screens for first-time users of the android app. Now the question arises who are first-time users of our application? First-time users are those users who download and install our application and use it for the first time. These screens are used to introduce our application. Thus, by using these screens we will tell the user What is the purpose of making an app? And how to use my application template? It may be called a startup guide for an app.



  • Smooth Transition
  • Nice Color Implementation
  • Free Of Image use for personal and commercial
  • Feel like water wave slide

Download Demo App



  • Android Version >= 5+
  • Targeted SDK 33
  • Minimum SDK 23
  • Kotlin Library
  • Github: User ID & API Key

Click Here For Support

This pack includes


  • Ready to use it as a slider/onboarding screen, easy customization
  • Clear documentation,demo apk



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